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Once upon a time not long ago, I visited a real estate office to purchase two plots of land only to realize they didn’t even own the title to the land they sold. Getting money back became a hassle and we all know how cumbersome our judicial process is.

With most real estate companies looking to make a quick buck and preying on prospective buyers, we formed this company (NSAASE) wanting to take a different approach of long term gains for buyers, at least eighty to hundred percent (80%-100%) appreciation in value in four (4) years.

We have set out not to just sell lands, but most importantly to sell security, community and lifestyle. Every land we have made available for sale is titled and occupied, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your hard earned money and saving you from any form of land litigation.

We are an indigenous Ghanaian company believing in the inherent right of every human being to own a piece of this earth that can be passed down progeny wise. Our main focus is eco-friendly planned communities equipped with basic amenities at affordable prices.

Over all we believe that, private ownership of property is the biggest accelerator of nation’s growth, so what better way to contribute to Ghana’s growth than providing well planned NSAASE communities.